About Us

OrigoTerra provides business and strategic consulting services for new ventures (startups) and for small or medium businesses in the US and Europe.   Our usual areas of specialization are general management, business development, financial modeling, web development and sales.

Our clients are small and medium size organizations.  They  understand the crucial difference an experienced consultant can make at a key juncture:  an acquisition or merger, a funding campaign, a product launch, market entry in a new region, or difficulties achieving business goals that are crucial for success.  Our clientele is diverse:  software editors, business service providers, light industrial equipment manufacturers, and energy sector companies.

OrigoTerra’s most distinctive features are its focus on early-stage and mid-stage startup ventures and its team’s international experience.  Our consultants have skills and experience acquired in IT, Software, electronics, and the energy sector in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle-East.

OrigoTerra’s approach is focused on action and measurable results.  Our first order of business is to listen to every client’s needs.  We then engage in a dialog supplemented by  research and expertise about solutions to client needs.  Finally, we aim at always providing clients with tangible deliverables and measurable goals which allow us to act on behalf of or with our clients to reach their overall business objectives.

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